Reservoir Characterization
If You Had Accurate In-Situ Measurements of Connate Water Saturation, Residual Oil Saturation, Two Oil Fractional Flow Points, and Oil-Water Relative Permeability, Could You Do a Better Job of Characterizing Your Reservoir?
In-Situ Single-Well Reservoir Characterization is Proven and Available Now.

Native State
Measurements made at native state conditions. The tracers operate in native-state wettability pore space contacting live crude oil, live water at reservoir temperature. The problems that make laboratory measurement of these parameters difficult are easily overcome by carrying out the measurement in situ.

Cost Effective
The entire series of tests can be carried out typically in less than 2 months at a cost similar to comparable laboratory work.

  1. Measure connate water saturation by injection and production of oil plus tracers.
  2. Inject a small volume of water plus tracers to displace oil and measure fractional flow.
  3. Water out zone and measure residual oil saturation by tracer method.
  4. Return well to oil production status.