Connate Water (Swc)
In SWCT Sor testing, water with dilute chemical tracers is injected and subsequently recovered from the same well.  A natural extension of this method is to inject the tracers in oil to measure connate water saturation.  The stationary phase is accurately measured in the SWCT method.  This can be residual oil saturation or connate water saturation.  

Features of this SWCT Test
We offer a complete service package of SWCT field testing. We provide custom field equipment dedicated to fluid metering, fluid injection, media filtering, and chemical tracer injection and on-site analysis.
Connate Water Testing
Carried out on wells that produce nearly 100% oil.
SWCT for Connate Water
Non-destructive, in situ method for measuring Swc.
Can be carried out in cased or open hole completions.
Deep investigation
Results typically represent hundreds of barrels of pore space in the test zone.
Swc results usually measured within ±2 saturation units.
Test sequence is completed in about two-three weeks.

If you are not familiar with the SWCT test method, we invite you to have a look at the explanation video above.