EOR Chemical Preparation
Once the laboratory chemical formulation is proven in the lab via core floods it is time to take the formulation to the field for in-situ proof of performance.  This calls for a field group that;
1) Understands the various nuances of Chemical EOR fluid handling.
2) Can properly mix and inject hundreds of barrels of the optimized formulation.

Equipment and Expertise
The preparation and injection of EOR agents requires highly specialized equipment with skilled operators.  The CTI team is intimately familiar with all facets of the EOR process.  Users select the process to be investigated ranging from various surfactants and polymers to smart and reduced salinity waters.  Our highly qualified team will take the EOR process to the field and perform a customized mixing/injection scheme using CTI’s specialized equipment.    
Quality Control
Strict quality control is one key to success in Chemical EOR flooding practices and these controls are exercised during the One-Spot Pilot.  Field measurement of fluid viscosity, salinity, pH and soda ash content of the Chemical EOR fluids is routinely provided by CTI during Chemical EOR One-Spot Pilots.   
We have successfully completed over 150 Chemical EOR One-Spot Pilots in a wide variety of settings around the world both onshore and offshore.  This experience is the key to success when it is time to take the Chemical EOR formulation from the lab to the field.